About our team

« If you can't do it well, don't do it at all ».
(с) Digital Agency UNITEX

UNITEX Team – professionals with more than 10 years of experience. We can rightly be called an international company. The staff consists of competent specialists from all over the world: programmers from Cyprus and Ukraine, designers from Germany, Belarus and Russia, copywriters and translators from Cyprus and Russia.

Our advantages:

  • We help each other. When you are alone, the probability of missing an important detail increases. When you are in a team, there are several more pairs of eyes in a bundle with you, no small thing will slip past such a "wall".
  • We complement each other. These are not just words. Professional knowledge, skills and abilities complement each other, the work of one person in one way or another always intersects with the work of another. The main thing is a competent distribution of responsibilities. The result: a confident rhythm, well-coordinated work, a decent result.
  • We influence each other. Working as part of a cohesive team has a positive impact on the development of an individual. We grow together, we change together. Sometimes we switch roles: someone directs, someone performs. It all depends on the project. Such work motivates to grow and develop.

Every day our company is expanding, and we are ready to accept new people. Basic requirements: willingness to work in a team, interest in each project, the desire to grow with each project. The UNITEX team is ready to accept specialists from various fields into its ranks: graphic design and web design, web programming and 1C programming, copyright, audit, etc.

Today, tema Digital Agency UNITEX provides a full range of services: we think over the corporate identity of the company, create the design of any type of printing products, develop web projects and mobile applications, organize the promotion and support of a web project after launch. In addition, specialists ofDigital Agency UNITEX are ready to develop the interior design of your company's office in a corporate style, to compose the text of emails for mailing, to write articles for the company's blog and much more…

UNITEX services are not just turnkey services.

Each project is a multi-faceted, creative process, in which employees of all departments and directions are involved. With their help, the most daring ideas of customers are realized, the most complex projects are created by their hands. Often this work is not visible in the process, but the results speak for themselves.