Business Process Optimization

Optimization of the company’s business processes from the UNITEX team

“Remember that time is money,” these words were said by Benjamin Franklin in 1748.

Almost 3 centuries ago, people already knew that the most valuable thing we had, have, and will have is time! Time, which in the modern world is always lacking.
Every entrepreneur in his practice has repeatedly faced and will face the questions of how to speed up and automate the business process in the company, how to save time for employees, and how to optimise costs. There are answers to these questions!

For these tasks, we offer a solution - the service "Optimisation and automation of business processes".

What is Business Process Optimisation and Automation?

Optimisation and automation processes are aimed at reducing costs and increasing business process productivity. To do this, weaknesses in the life of the company are identified and the development of solutions to eliminate them begins. Among them may be, for example, the use of ready-made solutions in the form of CRM, ERP, or other systems, the creation of an internal corporate portal, and the development of exclusive software.

But often such average solutions, which should be universal and suitable for any company, not only do not help the business to complete the optimisation process but complicate it even more. Then it's time to develop your enterprise solution.
An individual solution based on a detailed analysis of the company's business processes enables developers to accurately select the tools that will help the company in its tasks. This solution automates processes, establishes relationships between employees, issues the necessary analytical reports, and solves other problems that your business faces. After all, a business, like a person, cannot repeat itself twice!

What are the stages of our work?

  1. Briefing
  2. The first meeting with the manager, you talk and we listen carefully about what does not suit the business, what points should be paid attention to, and at what points the process needs to be improved or automated.

  3. Interview
  4. This is the most important and large-scale part of the process. Our specialists conduct interviews with key employees of the company on all business processes that are within the scope of our study. During the interview, we describe the whole process and identify bottlenecks and weaknesses ourselves, in order to offer solutions later.

  5. Analysis
  6. Based on the briefing and interview data, we deeply “immerse” into your business and analyse what tools you use in your work, what additional tools you use, and what solutions have already been implemented.

  7. Offer
  8. Based on the data received, our team forms a proposal that will demonstrate what in the company's business processes we can optimise and what to automate, and how we can ultimately help your business.

  9. Coordination and development
  10. During the passage of the previous stages, we, together with you, develop the ideal optimisation option for your business. After the BRS and SRS (business requirements and software requirements specifications) are ready, we proceed to the development and implementation of our solutions.

  11. Testing and implementation
  12. When the development comes to an end, we will move on to the testing phase to make sure the result and the correctness of the chosen solutions. As soon as testing is over, we will come close to the implementation stage. The implementation will also be under our control to support your business in the first step towards optimisation.

We would like to emphasise that automation and optimisation processes are long and laborious, but very important and effective processes for every company.

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