Custom 1C configuration

If you require individual features in the work of the company or you deal with either the need for an add-on for specific requests or the errors that appear after initial installation of the program. Changing the configuration helps avoid many accounting issues.

If you face issues of 1C operation, it is necessary to refine the program in order to reduce the overhead costs of accounting. Reports and directories, modified for the needs of the enterprise, enable to effectively keep records. Original forms, details and directories can be added to the system and reports responsive to the specifics of work in the company created. Also, specific document logs should be developed. All this allows to control the state of any objects in the enterprise.

Why do clients choose our company for a custom 1C configuration?

  • We develop software based on 1C from scratch tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • We finalize the configuration taking into account the specifics of a particular industry and work of a customer. We consider the size of the enterprise and amount of reporting forms and workflow.
  • We create user-friendly forms. Also, we fix bugs in the existing configuration as we are aware of possible issues in the system.
  • We optimize the costs of accountancy and tax accounting and reduce the costs of using the software package.

How do we work?

  • You fill out an application and specify the desired objectives.
    We carry out an initial analysis and calculation of the cost on 1C work.

  • You choose the option given your goals.
    We get things done.

  • You receive a final product.
    We share how to foster your business online and offline.

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