Creating additional modules and components

Over time, owners of the website notice that something is missing. If additional functionality is needed, this task can be solved by creating additional modules and components.

Such as increasing site interactivity, enhancing functionality, making the resource more useful and user-friendly. Each of the newly set modules and components is integrated into the existing system. The component makes it possible to implement some website function: "Reviews", "Order a call", "Question-Answer". This is one of the simplest and most popular components.
Modules are developed according to the customer’s requirements, depending upon required functionality. Additional scripts can significantly improve performance of resources.

Why do clients choose our company for modules and components development?

  • We develop modules and components from scratch. We finalize the configuration taking into account customer’s requirements and their specifics.
  • We create user-friendly scripts and introduce components and modules that increase traffic and conversion. We help to attract more clients from the existing resource.
  • Furthermore, we test modules before launching, thus we fix bugs. We make managing functions as simple as possible. Also, we provide technical support at all stages of work.

How do we work?

  • You fill out an application and specify the desired objectives.
    We carry out an initial analysis and calculation of the cost of modules and components development.

  • You choose the option given your goals.
    We get things done.

  • You receive a final product.
    We share how to foster your business online and offline.

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