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Telegram bot development

It is necessary to automate business processes, constantly answer questions from potential and real customers, issue an invoice or accept payment, set up notifications as a telegram-bot foster your business to the next level.

Modern telegram-bots allow to solve communication tasks of any complexity. The number of messenger users is growing day after day. It is used by over 100 million people. According to statistics, the Telegram audience is the most active and solvent. It takes much less time to develop one’s own channel than to promote a website or create a community on social networks. Why not seize opportunities and get ahead of the completion?

Why do clients choose our company for the development of a Telegram-bot?

  • We automate business processes of any complexity according to customers requirements. We set up the process of communication with a client on a turnkey basis: from the first contact to invoicing and setting up notifications.
  • We provide integration with other company resources and develop customized solutions. Another advantage of ours is a quick launch.
  • Also, we draw up recommendations on the use of chatbots in the client's field of activity. Our experience grants us to predict the results and calculate the budget for development and further promotion.
  • Furthermore, we provide qualified technical and information support on working with chat bots on Telegram at all workflow phases.

How do we work?

  • You fill out an application and specify the desired objectives.
    We carry out an initial analysis and calculation of the cost of a telegram-chat bot on a turnkey basis.

  • You choose the option given your goals.
    We get things done.

  • You receive a final product.
    We share how to foster your business online and offline.

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